About the Artist

Sean Vidal Edgerton (The Pen And The Pangolin) in Yosemite National Park.


My name is Sean Vidal Edgerton and I have dedicated my studies to natural history, biodiversity, conservation, and visual communication. As a Science Illustrator, my work under the Pen & the Pangolin is driven by my innate passion to blend the worlds of art and science. I create art in the service of science and for the purpose of education. My portfolio focuses on the beauty of natural history, biodiversity, and organisms poorly understood and in dire need of our conservation efforts.  With the pen for visual communication, pipette for scientific research, and the pangolin for education, awareness, and conservation work - my goal is to understand the world of natural history, culturally make science more accessible for all, and to share my findings with all of you.
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Sean Vidal Edgerton, M.Sc. (he/him)
Ph.D. Student (One Health, Evol. Virology)
Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia
Science + Biological Illustrator.
Art Instructor & Science Communicator.
Co-Founder: 500 Queer Scientists.


 December 3, 2023 Update:

My online store will reopen in early 2024. Thank you for your patience!