[ Check back in early 2024 for further updates! ]

1. Why is shipping expensive?

At the flat rate of $5.25, I know the shipping price is not cheapest and I recognize this inconvenience. This price not only reflects the shipping costs through USPS (and Shopify) but also time, packaging, processing, and set up costs. In addition, it reflects annual inflation rates of the aforementioned variables. Thank you for understanding!


2. What is your return policy?

Due to the fragile nature of the merchandise (stickers, prints, magnets, etc.) I do not offer return policies. I do package my products with patience and with care. Natural damage may occur in the shipping process and I try to avoid this with sturdy or reliable packaging. However, if the products have arrived significantly damaged (please provide photos immediately) these extreme exceptions are taken into account. Please contact me if your item does not arrive!


3. Do you ship internationally?

I do ship to Canada! However, at the moment I am not shipping to other countries - I am hoping to get this set up soon. For any shop updates such as this, please follow along on Instagram (@ThePenAndThePangolin). 


4. Where are your orders packaged? Who packages them?

All orders are set up, processed, packaged and shipped by me! This all happens in my office and studio in San Francisco, California. 


5. Are these all your illustrations?

Yes! I am a trained and professional scientific illustrator and scientist. Unless stated as the original illustration, these are all represent reproductions of my own artwork. If noted otherwise, other illustrations may also either be 1) collaborations with fellow artists, designers, and/or scientists; or 2) created using many reference photos or images under creative commons. If you see my illustrations posted elsewhere and/or under a different account/name, please contact me immediately. 


6. May I reproduce your artwork?

No. All of my work is protected under copyright. If you would like to share my artwork, please contact me as well as reference me when - and if - I give you permission. In addition, you purchasing my artwork in any form does not give you (or anyone else) permission to use any of said artwork, designs, or illustrations. Thank you for your understanding. 


7. May I contact you for media communications, interviews, podcasts, panels, and outreach opportunities? 

Absolutely! Please inquire through my main website/portfolio. I would love to hear from you.


8. I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Feel free to contact me through my main website. I look forward to hearing from you.